To reach the top you must first start at the bottom. This is the philosophy my friends and I have embraced over the past few years, learning and perfecting our various filmmaking crafts. And now, it's our turn. We are a team of highly experienced crew members showcasing our filmmaking skills and breeding the next group of industry power players. Our goals are not only to make films that everyone enjoys but to tell high concept stories that are technically and creatively superb.  
  Kapow! Entertainment
offers high quality corporate and professional video services including training and orientations videos, investment/investor relations media, and anything else your company may require.

“Mednax management’s presentation contained a novel video, which took investors through a deep-dive review of the company’s M&A diligence and integration process, leaving us convinced that the company is a clear thought-and execution- leader in the space”
- William Blair & Company Financial Services
The Shadow
The Shadow Knows.
assist a kapow entertainment film   Carter Roman is a serious film nerd. He’s straight out of college and has book smarts galore; common sense, not so much. He’s a know it all and a bit entitled, but it’s hard not to be when your dad is dad is the biggest lawyer in Hollywood. Today is his first day as a production assistant on a major movie set and he’s looking to make director status on day one. He’s following his dream but he’s got a lot to learn before he can get there.  Shown at the 30th Annual Miami Film Festival
  Style Inside Out
A best friend nominates her badly dressed girlfriend to be made over for a special event and 3 stylists compete to see who can come up with the best look for the event.
Married, For Real?!
After dating for only a year, newlywed Michael (Kel Mitchell) and Zoey (KD Aubert) discover that marriage is full of drama, disagreements, compromise and a whole new level of commitment, responsibilities and maturity. But after the not speaking, pretending to be invisible to each other, and being mad at really nothing in the grand scheme of things… they love one another and are Married, For Real?!
  The Pradys
When a young man finally admits to dropping out of law school, his parents' reaction is not what he expected.
In this all-new series, AudiLife, we spend the day with fellow Audi enthusiasts who have interesting careers in an effort to see just how their automotive passion factors into their daily lives. We decided to kick things off with hugely popular skateboard apparel company, Diamond Supply Co, because a number of the employees - and their sponsored skaters - are Audi owners and fans.
Jax Medel I grew up in a house filled with science. Both of my parents are physicians and my older brother was always fascinated with technology and Earth sciences. Because of them I’ve always questioned why things are the way they are and constantly want to find out how things work. Since before I could speak, the first thing I would do with a new toy or gadget is flip it over and trace the gears, looking for what made it tick. I’ve carried this process of wanting to know the inner workings of things through my life and bring it to my filmmaking as well. I want to know why certain lights are placed and why this would make the best shot, transition, etc. I enjoy exploring all the options of filmmaking and mixing and matching the best elements to achieve the best possible outcome. Coming from a background in both film editing and music, detail is something that is incredibly important to me. Knowing exactly how a scene or phrase of music should fit together and studying it, trying different variations until it hits the right notes, is my favorite part of the creative process. I see the whole filmmaking process as a giant building block where each level must come together perfectly to achieve the end product.
Richard C. Brooks, M.A. A south side of Chicago kid in every way, I pretty much knew of no other world. Sick of the dilapidation, decay and disappoint, something sparked me—college. I became the only man in my family since the “Great Migration” to graduate from College. Shout out to Columbia College Chicago and California State University at Northridge. College challenged me and forced me to compete. Not with other students, but with not being comfortable and complacent. I found a hidden drive. A drive to create escapism that I hid under my rough exterior needed to survive the streets. An escapism known as writing and producing. The World Is A Laboratory—what can you make out of it?